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When it comes to selling a house, there are several options available in the market. One of these options is selling to cash home buyers. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding this method of selling a property. In this article, we will debunk some of the common cash home buying myths and provide you with a clearer understanding of how this process works.


It seems like big intersections are the perfect place to put up a sign when someone is trying to sell a mattress or is looking for an apartment to rent. Other signs commonly placed in these locations are “We Buy Ugly Houses.” But have you ever called one of the hand-written numbers to inquire about selling your home? 

We’re guessing not. And that’s probably because something about this practice seems untrustworthy. But at Legacy Investment Group, we can assure you that we are dedicated to providing a service in which you can put your complete trust and confidence.


But there are still some myths that exist about the “Cash For Homes” industry. And we’re here to tell you that they just aren’t true. Legacy Investment Group works in Anne Arundel County and we want to help you sell your house fast! Keep reading to learn the most common myths and get in touch with us today to sell your house fast with a reputable, experienced company.

We Don’t Care About You or Your Home

One of the biggest selling points of working with a company that makes cash offers for homes is that the process is quick. So it’s understandable that when you go through a process quickly (within a matter of days), that it could feel like they don’t care about your situation or the home you’re selling. However, having been through the process countless times, having heard countless stories and getting to know families, and walking through homes, we know and care more than you can imagine. We’re not just here to sell your house, kick you out of your home, and move on. We’re here to help you navigate a difficult or challenging time of your life and we only want to see you come out successful.

Real Estate Should Take a Long Time

Depending on the market at the time, real estate can take a long time, but that doesn’t mean it should take a long time. Working with a typical real estate agent means you have to prepare your home for going on the market, spend money making repairs, list the house, market the house, hold open houses, negotiate on the price, spend money on fees and commission, and finally sell your house. But the good news is that the members at Legacy Investment Group aren’t real estate agents! You don’t have to make any repairs, you don’t have to pay us any fees, and there aren’t any open houses. This makes the process quick and easy.

They’re Out to Lowball You

This one is actually kind of tricky, as we do want to make a profit on your home. We do not, however, want to rip you off and make a disrespectful offer. We do take into consideration the condition of the home, the local Anne Arundel County market, and we look at comparable homes that have recently sold. With this information, we will make you an offer that is fair to both of us. If you want to make repairs and pay a real estate agent to sell your home in order to get a higher price, that’s completely OK. But it’s also completely OK if you want to skip that hassle and get a cash offer for your house.

They’re Unethical

The National Association of Realtors adopted a Code of Ethics in 1913 which says that they must work in their clients’ best interests. While a “cash for houses” company doesn’t operate under the same code, this doesn’t mean that they are all unethical crooks. When you work with Legacy Investment Group, you will be working with honest and respectful people. Learn more about our company’s mission and values here.

cash home buying

They’re Only For Desperate Situations

Many of the people we help to sell their house fast are in difficult situations, whether it’s facing a foreclosure, going through a divorce, or facing several significant repairs. But there are a variety of situations that people go through that aren’t dire — they’re simply looking for an efficient way to sell their house. It could be that you don’t want to be a landlord anymore, that you inherited a home and don’t want to pay property taxes, or you’re venturing into the investment industry and want to sell a house.

It’s Too Good to be True 

If you are living in a home that needs major repairs and a foreclosure is imminent, when someone makes a cash offer for your home, it might seem like it is too good to be true. But after one phone call with us, we can assure you that any financial weight you’re feeling will be lifted.

Wanting to sell your house fast doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Give the team at Legacy Investment Group a call today and we’ll go over the process and help you finally move on from your current struggles.

Cash home buyers are difficult to find

Finding reputable cash home buyers is easier than ever before. With the growth of online platforms and real estate networks, sellers can quickly connect with cash buyers in their area. Additionally, real estate agents often have connections with cash home buyers who can provide alternative selling options.

Cash home buyers are the only option for a quick sale 

Although cash home buyers provide a quick sale option, they are not the only alternative. Traditional methods such as listing with a real estate agent or selling through online platforms can also result in a fast sale. The choice between selling to a cash buyer or exploring other options depends on the seller’s specific needs, timeframe, and market conditions.


Dispelling common cash home buying myths is crucial for sellers looking to make an informed decision about selling their property. Cash home buyers offer a viable option for homeowners seeking a quick and hassle-free sale. It is essential to research and choose a reputable cash home buying company to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

FAQ 1: Are cash home buyers trustworthy?

Yes, cash home buyers can be trustworthy if you choose a reputable company. Research the company, read reviews, and check their credentials to ensure their legitimacy and trustworthiness.

FAQ 2: How quickly can I expect to sell my house to a cash buyer?

The timeframe for selling to a cash buyer can vary but is typically faster than traditional methods. Depending on various factors such as the location, condition of the property, and market demand, the sale can be completed within days or weeks.

FAQ 3: Do cash buyers require any inspections or appraisals?

Cash buyers may not require formal inspections or appraisals, as they are typically interested in the property’s current condition. However, they may still assess the property to determine its value and make an appropriate offer.

FAQ 4: Can I negotiate the price with a cash buyer?

Yes, you can negotiate the price with a cash buyer. Reputable cash home buying companies prioritize open communication and transparency. They are often willing to negotiate terms and conditions to ensure a fair agreement for both parties.

FAQ 5: What are the advantages of selling to a cash home buyer?

Selling to a cash home buyer offers several advantages, including a quick sale, convenience, flexibility with property condition, and a streamlined transaction process. It can be an ideal solution for sellers who need to sell their property promptly and without the hassle of traditional sales methods.


Our company is run by Benjamin Morgan. The Legacy Investment Group works to help homeowners in Anne Arundel County and the Baltimore area sell their house fast. We started this company with the hope of helping homeowners who are facing financial difficulties or who simply want to sell their home without the stress of the traditional process. If you feel trapped and don’t know what to do, we’re here for you!

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