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When The Legacy Investment team works with homeowners who want to sell their house, part of the process is a home assessment. After the initial conversation where we gather some basic information, we’ll schedule a time to come see the house so that we can determine if we want to buy your house, and the amount that we want to present. But what does the home assessment include?


When we visit your home, we’ll be looking at several aspects of the house:
a white house with a driveway in front of it


This will include things like the foundation, roof, siding, and landscaping. We’ll be looking at the condition of these parts and if there are any damaged sections.

a man in a white shirt holding three small model houses

Size of the Property

This includes the size of the house itself as well as the property it sits on. The size of the house and the lot will help determine how valuable the home is.

a living room filled with furniture and a staircase

Condition of the Interior

This includes things like the flooring, walls, electrical, windows and doors, and the condition of the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. We’ll also look at what kind of fixtures are in the home, including faucets and lights.

a magnifying glass over a wooden model of a house

Anything Else

We’ll also look to see if the home or property has any special characteristics or additions — is there a pool, is there central air conditioning, when the HVAC system last updated, or the type of insulation in the walls.

a person holding a house model over a pile of coins


As we’re considering how much our offer will be, we’ll ask how much you still owe on the home. Another part of determining our offer depends on how much you owe on the home, and the amount that we believe the home is worth. Our priority is our client’s satisfaction, so we would never make an offer that is below what you owe on the home.

a person holding a tablet with a map on it


You have probably heard the mantra “location, location, location.” Depending on where the home is located in the Baltimore area has an effect on the value of the home. Are there parks nearby, in what school district is the house, where are the local grocery stores — these things will impact on what the home is worth.

a bird's - eye view of a neighborhood with lots of houses


We’ll also look at what similar homes in the area have sold for. This gives us an idea of what homes with similar features and number of bedrooms are worth, and we can base our decision off of that information.

We’ll Make the Best Offer Possible

When we have gathered as much information as possible, we’ll make a decision on our offer and we’ll present it to you. When we buy houses, each home is unique and each situation is different, so when we make an offer, each one is different. But because we put thought and careful consideration into each offer, you can trust that it is fair and based on the real estate market at the time.


When we present you an offer, there will never be any pressure and you are never under any obligation to accept it. In the end, we buy houses to help homeowners sell their house fast and with minimal complications. If you are considering selling your house and are interested in selling it for cash to The Legacy Investment Group, please get in touch with us today!