How to Sell Your Inherited Home for Cash

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If you have recently inherited a home, you may be wondering if it’s possible to sell it for cash. After all, selling your inherited home can free up funds for other expenses or investments. Fortunately, the answer is yes – it is possible to sell an inherited house for cash. Let’s look at how this process works and what you need to consider before doing so.

Understanding the Timeline of Selling an Inherited House


The timeline of selling an inherited house is different from that of selling a home in which you personally resided. Most importantly, selling an inherited house takes time due to probate laws that differ from state-to-state. Additionally, depending on the number of heirs involved in the process, those laws may require a period of time in which any disputes over the property must be resolved before putting it on the market. It’s important to understand these laws and timelines prior to initiating the sale process of your inherited home as they will impact how long it takes and when you can actually receive your cash payment. 

What Are Your Options?


Once you are ready to sell your inherited house, there are several options available to you—each with its own advantages and drawbacks. You could list your house with a real estate agent and wait for a buyer who wants to pay in cash; however, this method could take months or even years depending on how much competition there is within your local housing market as well as potential legal issues that may arise during escrow. Alternatively, you could contact a “we buy houses” company like Metric Marketing who specializes in buying properties quickly for cash so that sellers are able to move on with their lives without delay or hassle. This option typically involves less paperwork than traditional methods and requires less time waiting around for a buyer since the company has already done their research into local markets beforehand. 



In conclusion, while selling an inherited house isn’t always easy (due largely in part to state probate laws), it is possible! Working with companies like Metric Marketing can make this process much smoother because they have streamlined processes geared toward helping distressed homeowners receive quick payments without any hassle or delays. If you are considering selling an inherited house for cash, reach out today and one of our knowledgeable experts can help guide you through the entire process!


Our company is run by Benjamin Morgan. The Legacy Investment Group works to help homeowners in Anne Arundel County and the Baltimore area sell their house fast. We started this company with the hope of helping homeowners who are facing financial difficulties or who simply want to sell their home without the stress of the traditional process. If you feel trapped and don’t know what to do, we’re here for you!

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